How To Rise From Broken Dreams

By Dr. Tonya Lyons

How would you respond if within a few months you lost your church, your marriage, family, friends, hair, and with it, your confidence? Tonya Lyons lost all those things after hearing the feared word: CANCER. This is her story, the amazing Job-like saga of how she lost it all, and then regained it all and more. Through it, Tonya held onto two things: her strength of mind and the strength of her faith. Her story of survival will inspire you and show you the way to encourage yourself and your loved ones when unthinkable disasters strike.





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You may want to read this book when you are traveling, when you are hurting, or when you are afraid. Take Shatterproof with you on your phone or tablet. The mobile version of Shatterproof, How to Rise From Broken Dreams is available on Kindle.

Dr. Tonya M. Lyons

Dr. Tonya M. Lyons is President and CEO of New Image Family Dentistry.

She is Co-Founder of Rock Church Memphis and presently serves on the pastoral team.

She is the parent of two beautiful children, Kelli and Judah.

“This is a POWERFUL book. It is much more than the story of the struggles Dr. Tonya Lyons overcame. The book Shatterproof really is a how-to guide, as the subtitle suggests, “How to Rise From Broken Dreams”. Shatterproof not only details the secrets of how Dr. Lyons survived, but she outlines the exact steps that others can use. These include “Survival Techniques” in Chapter 12, How to Utilize Your Spoken Words in Chapter 13, and “How to Supercharge Your Faith” in chapter 14. It can be a brutal world at times. We all need to stay “Shatterproof”. Yes, this is a book you need to read.
Jan Bare

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